Nano Simbox

Nano Simbox is a next generation teaching tool, that has had industry recognition for driving a step change in science learning. State of the art technical and educational approaches are used to create a learning platform that will enhance the way science is approached by learners and teachers.

Through our bespoke, interactive, simulation of atoms and molecules student use guided discovery techniques to explore the molecular nano-world. Nano Simbox encourages learners to develop a deep understanding of abstract scientific processes that underpin the world around us. Virtual experiments and observations can be carried out that help to break down common misconceptions and overcome the challenges faced by students in science. Gesture control and touch screen interactions drive the system, and keep the learners active and engaged.




Nano Simbox is currently in development and we are looking for schools, colleges, and at-home learners to work with us during the design process. If you are interested in talking to us about Nano Simbox please get in touch.

Find more information on the Nano Simbox website.